“You’re Positively Glowing!”

Are you kidding me? How did I not know I needed this for so long?

The Reece Bathroom Innovation Award, a product design competition open to students and professionals, witnessed a range of innovative concepts this year, including the Reveal/Conceal faucet featured at Yanko Design. The one product that caught my attention the most was the Glowing Bath by Melissa Sopel, one of the student finalists. Taking inspiration from candlelit relaxation, the Glowing Bath brings soothing colors right into your bathroom. You can bathe and relax in hues of orange, blue, pink, red, fluorescent white or any color that soothes your senses. The control panel can be used to turn on the bath and the illumination. In case you are not sure what color you want to bathe with, you can plug in your iPod or an MP3 player and see the colors changing with the rhythm.

The color-changing LEDs are placed at the base of the bathtub, which illuminate the translucent acrylic shell. While the Glowing Bath is not as appealing as the starry Nirvana bathtub, it will surely help brighten up your bathroom design and give you some nice moments of relaxation.
Read more at: http://www.bornrich.org/entry/glowing-bathtub-changes-color-to-the-beats-of-plugged-in-ipod/#ixzz0wjDRyFXM

Next time someone tells you you’re glowing, (and you’re not pregnant,) you can stand up and show them the loveseat you’re sitting on. http://www.trendhunter.com/photos/81485/3#1


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