The Ins-n-Outs of an In-n-Out Double-Double

We all love Mama’s cooking, (don’t tell mine about this post,) but let’s face it, sometimes you need some junk food to deal with life. Ever since I was a small child, I loved when our interior designer/architect father trekked us onto the next new restaurant he just designed.  Some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to this day were ones he designed. At four-years-old, able to deftly handle my  knife and fork with utmost confidence, I always had my eyes on the prize. Dessert, of course. I knew if I was good, I’d get the goods.

I inherited my father’s love for new and wonderful food flavours and his distaste for kitchens – he knew what lurked in all the kitchens of Toronto. He began testing out recipes at home. Homemade falafel from scratch, creative variations of Saturday morning pancakes you would not believe, fresh-fragrant breads bursting in our oven, and pineapple cake so good it turned itself upside-down! Mmmm! And it didn’t have to come from a bald pot-bellied man in the back of a hot messy kitchen named Pedro. No matter how beautiful the setting or the company, this man is probably smoking AND picking his nose in the back of that said kitchen. Trust me. I remember being heart-broken when my father told me that my favourite posh’n’fancy restaurant had rats. But this is reality. Still, what I don’t know doesn’t hurt me….sometimes. I came to appreciate some fine-dining despite the trickery.

Sometimes it’s just good to know exactly how your food came to be…on your plate. This site is a little different. If you just want some good ‘ol grub, want to get a little rebellious and eat some junk food, but don’t want to meet up with Pedro, try this at home. Many more recipes on this site. For a serious recipe find, try, a Condé Nast Digital site. It’s a premier award-winning food web site, incorporating more than 27,000 professionally tested recipes from the premier brands in food journalism, 115,000 member-submitted recipes, and web-exclusive original content from editors and leading food authorities around the world. Epicurious offers a wealth of articles and tips focused on cooking, entertaining, wine, cocktails, and shopping.

From Burger Lab

  1. The patties: 2 ounces each, pressed flat to 4-inches in diameter
  2. The bun: Arnold, toasted whole in a 400 degree oven for 2 minutes, cut sides toasted on a lightly greased hot skillet until dark brown
  3. Pickles: Standard on the Animal-style burger. Four dill chips
  4. Real American cheese: Thick-sliced, from the deli
  5. Black pepper: Fresh ground
  6. Kosher salt: Lots.
  7. Iceberg lettuce: Fresh, leaves picked, core removed, torn to bun-size
  8. Tomato: The best hothouse tomatoes I could find, sliced 1/4-inch thick
  9. Spread: Tangy, sweet, creamy, delicious
  10. Caramelized onions: The stuff dreams are made of
  11. Yellow mustard: Signature Animal-Style trick


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