6 Design Inspirations

What is good design? As I was compiling my scattered list of favourite design elements and sifting through the memories of my father’s interior and architectural projects growing up, I listed the catch-phrases of my years. These words came to define it all.





Emotionally Resonant (yes, the objective’s opposite)






I thought about each one of these criteria and came up with the following inspirations. Some illustrate the format above. Some are just things I love inexplicably and without apology.

1.  The Sartorialist


Just the fact that these are actual, everyday people caught on the street shows off beauty in a very practical way. Our clothing defines us – and  we design our clothing.  Colours and shapes are chosen for a reason. To construct our image and  tell others about our mood, outlook and function.  As life is a moving canvas, our bodies and expressions are the mediums, of course. I love The Sartorialist for discovering little celebrations in daily life.


2.  Time for Design


Tokyo remains a contender for  some of the world’s best design since time immemorial. Modern day innovations no longer echo the organic intricate beauty of a botanical traditional Japanese garden precisely, but you can see the same fluidity. It’s just a whisper of ancient times. Nothing in Japanese design is ornate and busy. Below is a watch that echoes this intricately in it’s function too, because it promises to organize your life.


3.  This Mouse Will Not Squeak


When did mice cease to become just the flashes you see scurrying under the subway tracks? The omnipresent computer age now dictates that you own a mouse or two or nine.  I’m not talking pets. Is yours as stylish or fun as these below?


4.  Nature


As far as I’m concerned, Nature is the most incredible designer of all-time. Mere mortals could not design one worm that produces a single cocoon that creates 1,000 ft of silk. A commercial plane can fly at the maximum altitude of 35, 000 ft yet a bird can fly at the altitude of 37,000 ft.

5.  World Architecture


Most anything is possible. A tree hotel, a moving hydro floor, or an exposed garden in the middle of a skyscraper. Better yet, how about an H2O Scraper? This building delves downwards into the water questioning our sense of sustainablility and realm of possibility. Thinking outside the box has become thinking inside our globe. The possibilities are within us.

6.  World Wonders


And what of the 7 Wonders of the World? We are still wondering, and that makes them all Objective, Enduring and Sustainable – as well as Beautiful in the case of the Taj Mahal and Grand Canyon. And magical in the case of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Don’t forget the magic.



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