Tinkerbell Gets Hitched

Wedding Dress for Sale

Men still don’t believe the things brides want or will do on their wedding day. I can’t blame these men, however. This bride wants to light up your most special night firefly-style in this handmade wedding dress with over 300 twinkling, LED lights! A rechargeable battery pack. (YES, you actually need one,) is concealed in the bustle so you can turn off your sparkle for a moment to respect the solemnity of the ceremony as you and your stunned beloved share “I dos”. He may end up saying “I do….NOT believe it!”,  then dazzle the crowd with your special sparkle-dance during the reception. Who needs a disco ball when you’re on the dance floor in this showstopper! John Travolta in white cannot even compete. Worn once, this dress has sentimental value to the seller, but she figures there are only so many times in life you can play Tinkerbell so she’s willing to part with it to the lucky lady who shares the most romantic proposal story. Send your entries to: SparkleDiva@hulamail.net.

Good luck, Tinkerbell!


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