Mermaid Living – Underwater Vacationing

Iceberg Home Design by Daniel Andersson

Inspired by an iceberg, Daniel Andersson designed this floating concept home with the juxtaposition of an anchor and a weightless cloud in mind. A true iceberg would only show the tip and there is much below the water surface here. The rest is a hidden island underneath with more than the average amenities. Primarily located too for the wanderlust traveller, this home floats off and meanders into a neverending vacation.

The central atrium is encased in a spiral staircase and the roof functions as a sun deck. According to Andersson, the shape resembles a ship hull and pushes water away to stay afloat. The private quarters are located below the surface of the water equipped with aquarium-like windows for light and views of friendly fish floating by.

So what exactly keeps this in motion and afloat? Andersson explains the structure is anchored to the seabed and water and electricity connect through underwater cables and pipes. As a precaution, bilge pumps are installed under the staircase to remove any leaking water.

Would you vacation in one of these homes?


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