Hermes to Da Vinci to the Jetsons


Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machine Conept

Machine-Fly’s flying motorcycle prototype propels inventor and designer, Gonzalo Guerrero‘s vision of humankind as the real Jetsons in the 21st century.  It was bound to happen that we’d be bound to the skies on personal vehicles. Throughout history, the concept of humans wastefully using and abusing our available land mass and expanding upwards to the sky and deeply into the oceans to live is the audacious theme still alive and well in 2010. Think Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum’s Underwater Skycraper or NASA‘s endeavors to send a four-astronaut crew to the moon in 2020 to set up a permanent base camp on one of the Lunar Poles.

Although the actual technology for lifting this vehicle from the pavement has yet to be developed, the ‘Machine-Fly’ prototype is an attempt to create a sleek shell for the application of new discoveries made in personal aviation. Coming from a family history of pilots, including a female pilot pioneer in the 1920’s, this is an advancement I’m partial to.  At one point in time, the airplane was just as ridiculous of a concept.

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