Treat Your Beak

Let’s face it, the average phone is bought for 80% eye candy and 20% technological criteria. Sony wants to add more choices – by way of your nose.

Your olfactory sense may welcome the newly-introduced “smell phone,” Sony tries to make good on their slogans; “Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real” and “Make. Believe.” This DoCoMo SO703i is equipped with an aroma to treat your beak. The cases come in your choice of 9 quite attractive colors and patterns including Romantic Gold, Exotic, Twilight, Flow and Gorgeous.

“The outstanding feature of the DoCoMo SO703i is its smell. Again, one has a variety of choices (11, in fact) to select from including “Apple Pie”… yummy! The scents are released from a replaceable strip located near the central hinge. Though guaranteed to work for 3 months, it seems the fragrance continues to be released for a lot longer than that. And then? Simply replace the old scent strip with a new one, perhaps a different aroma if smelling Apple Pie every time you make or take a call is leading to a weight gain.”  (inventorspot)

Samsung is marketing a similair phone. What next? A phone that does your dishes……….(I hope!)


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