Would you rather….honeymoon in a bordello, holiday in prison or vacation in a military helicopter?

There is no end to strange accommodation for the adventurous tourist. Every December, millions of people all over the world head for “Familiar Florida.” Most are content to bask in the glory of any sun and sand spot, lounge for hours by any pool and fill up on a bland buffet. Then, there are those who crave adventure and new experiences. I believe there just may be nothing better than a wild vacation story. Innovative hoteliers have designed some outlandish ideas. A luxury concrete pipe at the Parkhotel in Linz, Austria, or night in a rescue capsule on the beach near the Dutch capital, The Hague. How about a former prison. In Finland, guests can spend the night in the slammer in the Katajanokka Hotel, a real former prison, with a “Jailbird” restaurant.

Hamburg’s famed red-light district, St. Pauli, provides you with the option to stay at the, (ahem) Hotel Village, once the city’s most opulent and exclusive bordello. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida’s Key Largo offers a very different experience; guests must scuba dive to the hotel, once a research lab for marine biologists.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo

Prefer your holiday under the stars than in a bordello? Rotterdam’s Euromast Hotel broadcasts two luxury suites for vacancy near the top of a 100-meter TV tower.

Other “extreme hotel” ideas include a Vietnam-era cargo plane at New Zealand’s Woodlyn Park, and a  crane suite in the Dutch city of Harlingen.

It seems there is no end to the weird and wonderful stories you can tell your friends upon your return.

Drain Pipe Hotel, Austria

Dog Bark Park Inn

A night in the dog house.


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