The Future of Feelings

Cold, emotionless and impersonal is how most used to think of technology. Now it seems many have skipped a beat and confused intimacy with the virtual experience by connecting through chat, virtual dating or booking face time on Facebook. With the influx of mood-sensitive technology, the tides seem to be poised on changing. Enabling emotions into the technological mix is becoming a criteria for many newly-developed gadgets and innovations. Remember your first mood ring? Many times this idea is simply added to a pre-existing product. Coming are the days of emotion-centric cell phones and mood-reacting clothing.

The Poesy Illuminated Bed
Boubelle Mood Sensing Dress
The Poesy Illuminated Bed

Mood-Reactive Furniture


Feelings Light Fixtures
Feelings Light Fixtures
Sensitive Tile
Mood Reflecting Tile

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