Chocolate + Flavour Fusion = Love

As if you needed any more reasons to indulge in choco-infusions of love, naturally stimulating and immune-boosting ingredients.

Vegan chocolate Gnosis stands out for their inventive approach to the concept. Simply delicious 3 new “added bonus” choices, the Aphrodisia Bar, The Superberberry Lime Bar, and the Sacred Feminine Bar. A full line-up of anti-oxidant rich bars.


The Aphrodisia Bar, appropriately-named for its “stimulating” ingredients, includes (ahem) Horny Goat Week and Maca Root — well-known to increase sexual potency, stamina and energy.


Packed with berries galore, the Superberry Lime Bar fortifies with antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients. A variety of berries, such as the Shizandra Berry and the Camu Camu Berry, will help strengthen the body’s defenses against disease, stress, anxiety, and will lend overall strength to immune systems and general well being.


The Sacred Feminine Bar is a chocolate bar made specifically with Venus in mind. Filled with medicinal herbs, the bar promises to alleviate any pain during a woman’s “sacred cycle of life.” With key ingredients such as Cramp Bark and Dong Quai mixed in, reducing womanly symptoms can feel like an indulgent treat.

Made entirely by hand in NYC, Gnosis bars sell for just over $9 from their site.


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