Sugar-Free, No Cavity Cards

There are occasions in life when a Hallmark puppy or a grumpy tortoise with an “I miss you” speech bubble just doesn’t cut it. That’s why copywriter Mel Dark created Sugarfree Cards – out of desperation! Sugarfree Cards are blunt, cheeky and anti-Hallmark. Congratulate someone on their weight loss or their 500 sq foot condo – or better still “congratulations on having sex again – people go through dry spells but that was ridiculous.” The engagement, wedding, pregnancy and new baby cards are particularly refreshing: for example, “I heard about your new delivery. Assuming it’s a baby and not a beautiful two-piece sectional, congratulations.”

They’re made right here in Toronto and produced on 100% recycled materials.You can find them on Queen St West at Outer Layer, Paper Place, Valhalla and Good Catch, on Bloor St West at Midocco and on Queen St East at Adornments on Queen and Nathalie Roze & Co. You can also check out the full line at and buy them online at Etsy:



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