L’Hôtel Particulier

18th Arrondissement, Paris

Hôtel Particulier’s handful of suites were all designed by Morgane Rousseau, with featured works by different artists, and each is packed with personality. I’d stay in Trees with Ears for the name alone, but it’s also invitingly spacious, draped in tactile velvet and full of antiques. Vitrine, created by sculptor Philippe Mayaux, is a saucier stay all together, with its cabinet of highly suggestive blown-glass objects and a big steam room. The arboreal wallpaper in Jacuzzi-equipped Vegetal makes you feel as though you’re sleeping in a light-dappled forest glade.

A Directoire style villa turned five-suite hotel, Hotel Particulier Montmartre is accessed through a secret passageway—definitely not something you would stumble upon while out for a stroll.  Inside it’s an oasis of modern style and comforts that juxtapose nicely with the rather stark exterior.

You cannot go wrong with any of the suites, all have perfect views of the hidden garden, designed by  Louis Banech, one of the landscape artists who helped restore the Tuileries Gardens.  Sitting in the garden on a brisk fall afternoon, you’d never guess you were just steps away from the artsy and rocking night scene of Montmartre.  The common rooms are flooded with light and welcoming—unlike some common areas—you’d actually want to spend time in this living room.  An added treat is the secret bar … as a guest, you’ll have a leg up on getting a reservation.

Rates from: €390

         A Little Packing Tip
You’d be amiss to forget your chosen artistic medium – paints, camera, or sculpting materials – the hotel is steeped in art, and some of the inspiration is bound to rub off.
The Garden
An unexpected delight in the midst of bustly Montmartre is as much as work of art as the rest of the hotel. Landscaper Louis Bénech (who also created the Jardin des Tuileries) has woven the serene and leafy space with shady nooks and a tinkling fountain. ‘Very small’ pets only. That’s dogs, not gerbils. You can smoke in the garden.

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