One for the Ladies

Zipper Dress
Made from over 120 zippers by Sebastian Errazuriz. Remove or add zippers depending on your mood. [Original]

Porcelain Dress
It doesn’t look too comfortable and seems very heavy if it’s completely made from porcelain, but I’d still try it on. Can you sit in this thing? And oh, don’t fall and smash this or you’re going home naked.

Designed and created by Li Xiaofeng. [Original]

LEGO Dress
Dress inspired by LEGOs. This is quite awesome. Imagine slipping into the ladies room and emerging with a new creation if the mood strikes you? [Original]

Newspaper Dress
Created with only papers from phonebooks. Ahem, …. beware of papercuts. [Original]

Money Dress
Most expensive dress in the world. This dress is made from real British pounds! Make sure you bring bodyguards with you and don’t walk down any shady alleys or strip bars. [Original]

Condom Dress
Safe Dress. She will always be protected. NO EXCUSES! [Original]

LED Dress

There are a number of innovations incorporating LED technology lately. This dress was made in Japan. Whoever’s wearing this dress will be glowing. [Original]

Mood Changing LED Dress
Similar to the LED dress above, this one changes as your mood changes. Great for the bi-polar. [Original]

Tetris Dress
Cool looking design inspired by one of the most famous puzzle games! Great for attracting nerds. [Original]

Credit Card Dress
Save up your credit cards over the years and you’ll probably be able to make some clothes out of them. [Original]

NYC Subway Map Dress
Having trouble finding your way with the crazy NYC subway system? It’s great to travel with a friend who knows where they’re going like this lady. [Original]

Balloon Dress
Let’s just hope they don’t pop! Don’t sit down! [Original]

Rubber Gloves Dress
Another dress created by Sebatian Errazuriz. Unusual.. [Original]

Garbage Bag Dress
Doesn’t look too attactive to me. Perhaps a great Halloween costume though. [Original]

3D Glasses Dress
Now when you go to them 3D movies, you can wear your matching 3D dress! [Original]

Chocolate Lindor Dress
Unique dress made of chocolate lindors. YUMMY! [Original]

Paper Dress
Crazy looking dress made completely from paper. Created by Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov. [Original]

Hair Dress
Dress made from hair?! Sounds kind of gross, but looks pretty fancy. [Original]

Camping Tent Dress
Whoever wears this dress..I feel bad for. Whoever gets to relax in the tent..must be cozy. [Original]

Sock Monkey Dress
Originally created for the Walker Un-Prom. Dress was pretty much knitted entirely with 30 faces. [Original]

Diaper Dress
Dress made of diapers. A mom will always be prepared. [Original]

Cookie Dress

This dress can definitely ruin someones appetite. Beware of Cookie Monster. [Original]

Skittles Dress
Dress made out of Skittles bags. [Original]

Bubble Wrap Dress
This dress is definitely unique and may pop. Wear sparingly. Beware of those compulsive stress-relieving-eventually-anxiety-provoking bubble-wrapper types… [Original]

Snack Bag Dress
Never leave home without your snacks. [Original]


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