Embarrassing Photoshop FAILS

Wow, these people make a living doing this stuff. Enjoy these horribly embarrassing PhotoShop FAILS from around the world!

She’s VERY excited to have a FLIPPER ARM!

So fun, kids will violate the laws of physics!

Hot Amputees R Us

Miley’s Mutations

Vampire Cruise Ship has no reflection

When babies wink, it makes their eye turn upside down…

Extra Fee for Planes with Landing Gear

Original picture was just a guy looking for a hug

There was a TERRIBLE accident midway through this photoshoot!

Even the jawless can look stylish with JC Penny

Lose weight AND change your skin color!

The Legendary Whitney Huston Ladies and Gentlemen: Give the Lady a(n extra) Hand!

Easily Get Down to 1/2 Your Size by Removing Extra Leg Weight…

Don’t turn around now, but there’s a dwarf making his way up your back

Cross your fingers. I may win that free finger surgery on the 13th!

This watch will give you crazy eyes

This woman appears to be 80% butt. (No really, I ‘m confused. Which way is up??)

The only thing worse than lice in your hair is a severed hand

One-Legged Pirate?

I don’t have time for the laws of time and space! HAND ME MY GUN!

If you do 8 Minute Abs for 20 minutes for 6 months, this happens


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