Not Your Average Dance Class

P.O.S.E. dancers/instructors Melyssa Moniz and Sarah Weinrauch are not your average dance teachers. They are 2 fireballs of talent and infectious fun. On March 19th, 2011, the duo treated Toronto bloggers to 2 hours of a well-designed Reggaeton-inspired dance class that included a Latin cardio warm-up, movement and body isolations, Reggaeton choreography and a chance to put the whole dance together and perform as the finale.

I can’t remember the last time I had the same amount of fun dancing. Actually there was that one time in Vegas on a yacht, but that’s another story….

Nevertheless, crazy vacations aside, these 2 hours with Sarah and Melyssa in a downtown Toronto dance studio and tons of Toronto bloggers did seem to transport us all to a fun-filled vacation in a Reggaeton-inspired locale like Puerto Rico. The roots of Reggaeton dance blend West-Indian music influences of reggae, dancehall, and soca with those of Latin America, such as bomba, plena, salsa, latin pop and bachata as well as those of hip hop, contemporary R&B, and electronica.

Though I’m more of a “free-styler” than one who’s able to remember countless choreographed movements, the 2 hours was an incredible mix of discipline, fun and accomplishment in the end.

P.O.S.E is Sarah Weinrach and Melyssa Moniz

Melyssa Moniz is not only an instructor, she’s a dancer, performer, choreographer and entrepreneur. You can see in her face and movements that she’s doing what she loves and it’s infectious. She greets me with a huge hug though she’s tiny. Her smile makes you feel you’ve known her forever, and her encouragement of all the students in her class had no one feeling behind step or left out. You can’t help but love the class because of Melyssa. You can find out more about her inspiring nature here:  She makes a first-timer embarking upon the not-so-easy genre of Reggaeton feel at ease and I almost think for a moment I can master this. So I think I can dance…

Sarah Weinrach is a true multi-talent. Beginning as a figure-skater and then adding dance lessons at age 20 gave her a strong foundation. Her background makes her an obviously strong technical instructor. With her polished work ethic and entrepruenurial spirit learned from her parents, Sarah founded in 2007. She has since expanded her energies to include Event Planning and Hand-Made Greeting Cards in her services. Is there anything Sarah can’t do? No!

Having experienced first-hand what fun these two can teach you, I don’t exactly understand why you’re sitting reading this right now. Contact Sarah or Melyssa now to set up a class at
Sarah and Melyssa can also be found teaching DivaGirl fit and fun classes at the site.


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