Particular Party Picks

Perpetually perplex in pinning down the perfect party-popping picks?
How about these?

The ‘K Dress’ by CuteCircuit for those that need to stand out on the party circuit. Available at Selfridges

Inflate the fun factor of any party with The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game, (a.k.a Twister).

You’ve always fancied yourself a DJ living the life in Ibiza a-la-Tiesto, haven’t you? The iPad iDJ Music Mixing Station, by Psychic Factory, lets you spin like a pro.

Pick your food straight from the tree with the ‘Mangier’ by Smarin.

Non-Slip Serving Dishes: Lappers dining trays are perfect for clumsy people.

Really, what’s a party without cupcakes? This delicate dessert device called The Mini Cupcake Maker bakes baby sweet.

Cooler, classier platters found at Champagne Dish by Korean designers EUN Design serves up the perfect plate of apps & booze.

The Grill N Chill Tailgater is the Ultimate BBQ Party on Wheels

Kaleidoscope Coasters, found at Perpetual Kid maintain optimum grooviness levels at all times and keep your surfaces clean.

The LED Multi-Colored Serving Tray turns any party into a hip hotspot.


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