Absolulely Offbeat Homes & Structures

Offbeat is how we describe the weird and wonderful. The catch-phrase for design that laughs in the face of normalcy and defies traditional convention. From floating treehomes to skateboard park interiors, radical new terrain in design territory is pushed to its limits. Here are homes and structures caught in limbo between art and crazy, challenging basic concepts of architecture.

Which one would you call up your mortgage broker for?

Space Suite: 200-Mile-High Orbital Hotel for $20,000 a Night

Zombie-Proof Facade: Black Steel House + Flip-Up Windows

Alleyway Abode: 4-Foot-Narrow Live/Work Writer’s Studio

Skate Park Dream House Packed with Skateable Surfaces

Thin is In: The Skinny on a Super-Narrow Japanese House

Bare & Bold: Open-Plan Home Flips Public & Private Spaces

Baled Out: Cow-Created Concrete Home Interior Completed

Hobbit-Hole Duplex Dug Out from a Hurricane-Crafted Dune

Outsider Architecture: 1 Man + 30 Years + 20,000 Sq Ft =

Hangar Home Revisited: Drive-In, Boat-Up & Fly-Out Facade

Numbers House: Neat Numeric Facade Addresses the Street

Ship Shape: Australian Beach House Rides Conceptual Wave

Inner Child: Colorful Home has Trap Doors & Secret Slides

Modern Classic: Famous Ferris Bueller Film House for Sale

Desert Dome: 360-Degree Home on a (Dormant) Volcano

Hanging Out Over Manhattan: 7-Figure Cliff House for Sale
Offbeat | Design & Image Gallery on Dornob

Pixel House: Round Mound-Shaped Residence Built of Bricks

Coastal Cabin: Dynamic One-Story on the Shores of Norway

Crazy House: Offbeat Organic Tree-Shaped Home in Vietnam

Staircase-Shaped House Fuses Public Space & Private Living

Stacking Up: Surreal Multi-Level ‘House Shaped’ Apartments

Before & After: Balancing Barn House, 3D Models & Pictures

Concrete Conch: Spiral Shell-Inspired Fractal Beach House

Living Design Lab: Experimental Plan-Free Home Building

Chic Shacks: 6 Stylish Sheds, Barn Homes & Hermit Cabins

Meta-Housing: Super-Sized Hotel Made of Stacked-Up Homes

Home Opener: Huge Garage Door Hides Whole Plane Hangar

Hay, Holy Cow! Bovine Eats Way into Buried Concrete Home

Floating Steel: Bridge-to-Nowhere Cantilever House Design

5 Amazing Homes: Cranes, Catamarans, Bridges & Towers

Cave Homes for Sale: 700-Year-Old Carved Rocks of Iran

Recycled Glass House: 6 Million Bottles of Beer in the Walls
Offbeat | Design & Image Gallery on Dornob

Metal-Clad Masterpiece: Modern Desert Home atop a Mesa

Level Up: Sloped Hillside Home has Super-Slanted Floors

Outside In: Ultimate Underground Swiss Mountain Home

NURBan Design: Extreme Curved-in-3D Home Construction

Angular Accommodation: Amazing Abstract House Design

Vintage Futurism: Retro-Modern Home & Interior Design

Home in the Round: Curved & Corner-Free Cylinder House

Classic Storybook Home Designs that Really Came to Life

Rock the House: Bizarre Rural Boulder & Stone Home Design

Free Legos, No Sale: Sad Saga of the Full-Scale Lego House

Inside-Out House: Angular Interior & Exterior Home Design

No Lake Needed: Perfect ‘Floating Home’ Design Concept

Radical Winter Retreat: Private Ski-In Mountain Home

Inverted Art House Designed Upside-Down, Inside & Out

Modern Townhouse Design + Postmodern Art Theory =

Magic Mushroom: Private Retro & Rustic Mountain Lodge

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