20 Beauty Hacks You Need

As much as we love our beauty routine, it takes a lot of time and effort to get ready in the morning. That’s why we appreciate any type of tip—no matter how small—that helps make the process of putting on makeup or doing our hair faster. And because we know you do, too, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best life hacks for your beauty routine. Enjoy!

1. Nail polish bottle dried shut? Secure a rubber band around the cap to help you get a better grip while twisting it open.


2. Use your straightening iron to press collars and shirt cuffs without having to drag out the ironing board.

3. Ran out of shaving cream? Hair conditioner will work in a pinch. It gives skin a similar slippery feel and leaves legs super soft.

4. To avoid running late in the morning, make a playlist that runs exactly as long as you have to get out the door. Challenge yourself to finish by the last song.

5. Paint a bobby pin with nail polish to create an instant statement hair accessory.

6. Use bobby pins to help squeeze all the product out of a tube of toothpaste, lotion or sunscreen.


7. If you need to add a key to your key ring but don’t want to chip your nail polish, use a staple remover to hold it open.

8. Mix brown sugar, olive oil and honey to create a nourishing DIY lip scrub.

9. Use antiperspirant on your feet to prevent blisters. Just swipe a bit on where your shoe rubs your foot. This will help reduce friction and keep the area dry.

10. To fix a broken lipstick, use a lighter to heat up the part that’s still in the tube, then press the broken end back on top. Heat up the seam with your lighter to make a seal. Let the lipstick cool in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes.

11. Spray perfume onto your hairbrush to leave your locks with a light but lovely scent.


12. Repurpose an empty candle container as a makeup brush holder.

13. Need your nails to dry fast? Submerge just-painted nails into cold water for a few minutes. When you remove your fingertips, the polish will be dry.

14. Use an index or business card as a shield for your mascara. You’ll be able to apply mascara right up to the root without getting any on your lids.

15. A vintage beauty trick: use soda cans as rollers to create big, luscious waves.

16. For the perfect French manicure, wrap a rubber band around your nail as a guide.


17. To make eye liner pencil go on more smoothly, hold a lighter under the tip for a few seconds. The heat will melt the product slightly for a softer consistency.

18. Spray bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo to give them more grip in your hair.

19. Create your own lip palette by scooping lipstick out of the tube and putting it into a pill container with multiple compartments or empty eyeshadow palette. Heat the lipstick in a spoon held over a candle to melt it a bit, which makes it easier to shape.

20. If you have a sparkly eye shadow shade you never wear because it’s just too bold, crush it up and mix it with clear nail polish to create a one of a kind manicure.




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