Girls’ Trip: Paris

Only 1 hour landed in Paris and already fallen in love with our waiter – a hotter, sexier, French Ryan Gosling. I giggled a sentence in my ridiculously mediocre French and he came to my rescue with, “Is ok, I know a leetel Anglais.” I still have no idea what I ordered…

Getting into town from Paris Aeroport, Charles de Gaulle was simple enough by taking the RER Train into town to then catch a metro. From track 11 or 12, you can get to Central Paris. If you’re a tourist, however, stop by the ticket office that has a bit of a line up, but is well worth the wait since the staff speak perfect English and know exactly how to help. We were  advised on the most economical way to purchase tickets. We did not buy a Navigo for €50 each, but instead bought the €10 ticket into town. Then, from the metro station, we purchased a 5 days Paris Visite pass. The Pass is valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days on Bus, Metro, RER, and Ile-de-France trains (not TGV). Pass valid on OrlyVal train to Orly Airport (with 5 zone pass). Price ranges from €10,85 to €59,50 depending on zones covered (1-3 or 1-5) and duration (1 to 5 days). As a bonus, we were seranaded by an accordian player. More information here:

More to come soon. A bientot!


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