Four Easy Ways to Get a Hotel Upgrade

Think luxurious digs and hotel upgrades are just for the elite traveler or savvy credit card holder? Think again. There are plenty of ways to grab yourself an upgrade even after you’ve already booked. Here, four ways to snag yourself some great accommodations.  [New York Times]


If you’re planning on heading to Rio for the Olympics and haven’t yet booked your hotel room, you might be out of luck (or in for a hefty price tag!).  Apparently 97.3 percent of hotels are already booked during the games and rooms on crowd-sharing sites, like Airbnb, are going for over $2,000 a night. [Reuters]

The national parks aren’t joking when they advise you to stay on designated walkways. A recent visitor was issued a $1,000 fine after stepping off the boardwalk in the Mammoth Hot Springs area of Yellowstone National Park. [NPS]

Hitting a hole-in-one is every golfer’s dream, but those heading to Japan for a round of the game should beware: a hole-in-one comes with the responsibility to throw—and completely pay for—an over-the-top, wedding-like party celebrating your achievement.[Japan Today]

A giant crater in Siberia has been dubbed, “the Gateway to the Underworld” by locals. The area suddenly appeared 25 years ago and is growing by up to 20 meters a year.[Independent]


Lindsey Campbell is the Associate Audience Engagement Editor. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @lyndzicampbell.


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